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Welcome To The Aurora History Museum

Aurora History Museum is one of the most popular museums in the area, and soon you'll find out why that's so. It has been a local

Explore The Historical Sites of Aurora with Story Line!

Story Line, an audio tour for anyone wanting to take a trip into Aurora’s history The Historic Sites and Preservation Office together with the Aurora History Museum


Sports Life in Aurora

Active Aurora Known as one of the most active towns in the state, Aurora has a whole host of sporting and outdoor activities to offer everyone. The

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The Best Golf Courses Around The City of Aurora

You probably already know about the wide range of activities you can take up while in Aurora and we're sure a lot of you guys

Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Places on the outskirts of Aurora Aurora has been known as a suburb of Denver and once was, but the town grew and become a city

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Sports Life in Aurora

Active Aurora

Known as one of the most active towns in the state, Aurora has a whole host of sporting and outdoor activities to offer everyone.

The sports and recreation in Aurora

Recreation Centers

Aurora has two main recreation centers to offer, the “Beck Recreation Center” and “Moorhead recreation center”.
It also has a center dedicated to adults fifty and over which is the “Aurora Center for Active Adults

swim - Sports Life in AuroraPools and Swimming

The has three indoor swimming pools which are affiliated to them and they are the“Beck Indoor Pool”, “Moorhead Indoor Pool” and “Utah Indoor Pool”.

Each center has different programs that visitors can join to make use of the facilities during their stay in Aurora.
All the information is provided on the linked websites for details on these programs.


Aurora offers various Summer Camps for the youth such as:

  • Youth Voyager Camp
    Ages 7 – 11
    This camp is great for fun-filled school holidays of arts and crafts, games, field trips and fun in the sun.
  • Zombie Apocalypse Camp
    Ages 8 – 12
    This is a survival day camp that teaches the kids to survive in the great outdoors. They learn skills such as knot tying, fire building, first aid and many more.
  • Ultimate Adventures Camp
    Ages 10 – 14
    For the older child, this camp is more a field trip focused camp that gets the kids out and about on many an outdoor adventure. They do activities like rock climbing, kayaking, biking and various trips to state parks.  There is no time for slacking on this activity-filled camp.
  • All the camps usually run from a Monday to a Friday between set times please see the camp coordinators for more details.

If you want to know more about the summer camps in the Area, check our Guide to Aurora Summer Camps.

camp - Sports Life in AuroraReservoirs

The Aurora reservoir has over eight-hundred acres of water surface and is one of the city’s largest park and open space sites. It has been named by Westword as “The Best Park for Fishing” in 2012 and the reservoir offers multi-use recreation as well as serving as a drinking water storage facility for Aurora.


Aurora is known for all its activities and has a huge hiking community that goes on many trail hikes in and around the Rockies. Another suggestion can be spending your day on a golf course. When you’re in Aurora, the options are numerous.
Before partaking in any of the activates always make sure you are well prepared and can partake in the selected activities.
It is always advisable to see a medical practitioner should you be in any doubt about your physical wellbeing.

The Best Golf Courses Around The City of Aurora

You probably already know about the wide range of activities you can take up while in Aurora and we’re sure a lot of you guys are looking for a way to spend an active weekend while in the City. That’s why we bring you this list of the best golf courses around the City of Aurora. No matter if you’re almost professional or someone who has never seen a golf stick, Aurora has got just the perfect golf course for you.

Aurora Hills Golf Course

Located in the South Peoria Street since 1969, this 18-hole public golf course is a favorite place for a lot of local people. You don’t need to think about your skills when you’re coming here, because the course has 4 different sets of tees in order to fit anyone’s preferences. The distance between the longest tees is over 6700 yards, which definitely deserves to have a place between the best golf courses around the City of Aurora.

Heather Gardens Golf Course

This public, 9-hole executive course, being positioned between I-225, Parker Road and Yale Ave is very easy to reach. Although it has different sets of tees for players of all ranks, it will definitely challenge even the best golfer.  With the distance of 2,461 yards, this par 32 course will provide a true test for your golf skills. We’re sure you’ll also love the beautiful surroundings and the peacefulness of the area. If you’d like to know more about the course, check our Heather Gardens Golf Course article.

Meadow Hills Golf Course

You can’t talk about golf in Aurora without mentioning Meadow Hills! This place used to be a country club, but with some of the most spectacular landscapes seen in Aurora, this place makes the perfect golf-getaway location. It features 18 holes, just like the first one. so it’s up to you to decide which one of them to visit first.

Golfcourses article 1 - The Best Golf Courses Around The City of Aurora

Murphy Creek Golf Course

Murphy Creek is the place you come for great amenities. Delicious food and a wide range of beverages to choose from combined with a rustic-farming theme make this golf course a local’s favorite place. Did you know it was ranked in Golf Digest’s America’s Top Ten Best New Courses for 2002? Well, that must be one of the Top Ten reasons to visit Murphy Creek.

Saddle Rock Golf Course

Once a home of the Colorado Open, today a desirable location for a high-end experience which owns its design to Dick Phelps. And we have only one word to describe this 18-hole course completely: elevation! We assure you these crazy elevation changes will make you lose your mind over this course. But, if you don’t feel like that’s your cup of tea, you can switch to those on a bit flatter ground. Even if you don’t play golf at all, the scenic landscapes and magnificent sunrise over the park will make your visit to Saddle Rock worth remembering.

Springhill Golf Course

All of the Courses mentioned before are regular 18-hole courses, but this one’s different. It consists of a 10 par 3’s, six par 4’s and two par 5’s – perfect for the golf amateur to practice their shots. We find the surroundings of Springhill a bit plain, but maybe it’s better for you not to be distracted by the landscape while you’re at it. You will finish this course a bit faster than the others, leaving you just enough time to take a walk through the great open space of Springhill.

Golfcourse nofilter - The Best Golf Courses Around The City of Aurora

But, which one to pick between the best golf courses around the City of Aurora?

Whichever you pick… We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. But, if you want to have a blast playing golf, we do have some guidelines to follow. If you’re a complete beginner, it might be the best to start with Springhill Golf Course since its 10 par 3’s can help you in practicing your golf stick moves.

If you’re into a bit classy weekend-experience, go for Saddle Rock. It might be only a golf course, but the breathtaking landscape and perfectly arranged surroundings will make you feel like you’ve traveled way further.

Maybe the ones listed here aren’t enough? Check here for a list of the best golf courses throughout the State. Hope you’ll manage to pick one for yourself!

Welcome To The Aurora History Museum

Aurora History Museum site

Aurora History Museum is one of the most popular museums in the area, and soon you’ll find out why that’s so. It has been a local and regional history, arts & cultural center for decades with different exhibits and amusing educational programs for people of all age groups. The main exhibit of the museum features around 100 different historic photos and interesting artifacts from Aurora’s military history and also one-of-a-kind fully-restored trolley from 1913 which you can see in the photo below that used to run along Colfax Ave.

Aurora History Museum trolley from 1913

Location and working hours of Aurora History Museum

The Museum is situated on the northwest corner of Alameda and Chambers off of Alameda Drive, in AMC Campus. You will find the Museum right next to Justice Center. There are available parking places for the ones interested in visiting Aurora History Museum.

This Museum is closed on Mondays, but feel free to stop by any other day. We’re there for you Tuesday—Friday, 9am—4pm and 11am—4pm on weekends. We’re usually closed on holidays, but feel free to check the exact dates here. If you’re planning on coming as a part of a group, please contact us in advance so we can be sure your visit will be as pleasant as possible.

Aurora History Museum Exhibits

Growing Home is the only permanent exhibit with Trolley Trailer No. 610 from 1913. The trolley is fully restored, so you’re invited to come inside experience 100 years of history on your own. That is the only permanent exhibit in the museum, but you can find many more throughout the year like Wings to Satellite or U.S. 40 ant the American Roadtrip.  Every few months the Aurora History Museum features residents’ collections, where the people of Aurora provide their collections, from Hello Kitty and Barbie dolls to porcelain and glassware. If your an Auroran and think you have a collection worth sharing, don’t hesitate on contacting us for a chance to get it featured in our Museum.

The building of Aurora History Museum

Contact the Museum

You can find Aurora History Museum at the following address:

15051 E. Alameda Parkway 
Aurora, Colorado 80012

You can reach them by phone or email:

Phone: 303 739 6660
Fax: 303 739 6657
Email: museum@auroragov.org



The Colorado Freedom Memorial

“Time will not dim the glory of their deeds.”
— General of the Armies, John J. Pershing
The Colorado Freedom Memorial is important to ensure that the brave men and woman who gave their lives to defend us are never forgotten.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial

Located in Aurora, Colorado, and close to the Buckley Air Force Base are the names of almost 6000 people killed in action since Colorado became a state.

Leaving their homes to go and fight in foreign lands that most of our heroes had never heard of, as they bravely answered the call of duty to serve their great nation.

Out of the men and woman that have been honored on the memorial about half of them never made it back home to Colorado. Their remains lost forever at sea or buried in a grave in some far-off land or behind enemy lines. The memorial offers the families that never had a grave to visit or place to connect with their deceased loved ones such a place.  The memorial stands as not only a place of remembrance and honor to those brave men and woman but a place for healing for their loved ones.memro - The Colorado Freedom Memorial

Since the erection of the monument and its dedication, it has seen thousands of visitors who have come to shed a tear, reminisce and pay homage to our fallen heroes!

Many a ceremony have been held at the memorial, Memorial services have been given and there are even motorcycle rides that stop to pay their respects.

There are planned memorials and ceremonies held at the Colorado Freedom Memorial throughout the year, please check on their websites, listed below, for more details about these and other interesting information.

Computer Kiosk will soon be available

A full database of honorees has been compiled whereby visitors to the memorial will be able to browse and read about our heroes, the history of the project and the design of the memorial as a computer kiosk is currently being designed and built alongside the memorial.
Here a visitor will be able to search and lookup a name from the wall and read all about that person and pay tribute online.


The Memorial welcomes all visitors, you can contact them at the Colorado Freedom Memorial offices at 303-248-3990 or visit their website http://www.cfmf.net/  if you have any questions or queries and would like to donate to this worthy cause. We love the Colorado memorial and feel that while it is for all of Colorado it also represents our great city and core values that guide Aurora. 

The Colorado Freedom Memorial is located at:
Springhill Community Park
756 Telluride Street

A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

As always, Aurora offers you a variety of summer camps to choose from for your children. They offer you fun, exciting and innovative ways to make your children’s summer holidays more exciting than ever before. Camps are places where they’re having fun while learning and working on their soft skills. This year, summer camp programs will run from July 3rd until August 31st and… there’s still some time to apply!

If you want to find all the details about the available summer camps in 2018, their programs and prices, please click here.

how to handle summer camp anxiety - A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

Aurora summer camps categories

You probably know already that there are different types of summer camps so you have to choose based on your child’s wishes and preferences. Sports camps are the most popular ones between children of all age groups, followed by educational camps for which the parents think can be more beneficial for their kids. Swimming camps are also very popular, followed by multimedia and technology camps. You can browse them in the categories below.

Preschool summer camps

Preschool camps are suitable for kids of the age of 4 and above, usually until 6 or 8. It is a combination of arts and craft workshops as well as different sport and teamwork activities suitable for their age. This year’s 5-day programs start with the price of $62 for half-day activities and go up to $265 for full-day activities.

Active/Sports summer camps

This is probably the most popular category of summer camps and they’re suitable for kids over the age of 6 (Sports Camp and Finale Camp are the ones who start with the kids at the age of 6) and go up to the age of 14 (like Challenge Plus camp). 5 full-day classes in these sports camps will cost you from $145 up to $235 – mostly depending on the dates of the camp activities. Your child can choose from basketball, skateboard or even badminton and hockey activities!

Arts summer camps

We can all agree on arts and crafts being an important part of our children’s development and growth.  These camps are the best way for your kids to learn about drama, music, dance, and art in general. There are currently 2 arts camps available: Arts Camp and Dance Camp and in case you want your child to enroll into one of these, you’ll pay from $145 to $180, depending on the selected dates and availability.

Educational summer camps

Even though most of them are not marked as educational, rest assured knowing that every camp option will teach your kid something, but it’s just that these “Educational” camps are more focused on kids gaining some skills. Emergency 911 camp will teach your kid about the emergency services in your neighborhood with lots of special guests, and your kids will become familiar with Basic First Aid and CPR.

If you’d like your kid to learn how to cook or bake something, there are two cooking camps available this year: Junior Chef Cooking Camp and Top Chef, and it will cost you from $145 up to $405.

camping with kids - A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

Exploration/Technology summer camps

Is your kid aspiring to become an engineer or an astronaut? Aurora has got some perfect summer camp options for your kid then. Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware… Sign up for these camps now in order for your kids to learn about stuff they won’t be able to learn about at home. There are 5 options available: the first one is Engineering for kids, the second one is Mad Science with 4 different program activities.

For those of a bit more adventurous spirit, there are Aurora Day Trippers and Adventure Park programs with lots of field trips and attractions. The prices start at $145 and go up to $307 for 5 full-day classes.

Multimedia summer camps

Kids Great Minds offers 8 different camp program options this year, and all of them are multimedia-based. They teach your kids skills like animation, 3d modeling, 3d printing, game creation, robotics and virtual reality. We live in a digital world, so let your kid express in a digital way! The prices go from $290 for 4 full-day classes, and up to $363 for 5 full-day classes.

Check out their programs here.

Swimming summer camps

At these summer camps, your kid will be taught the Red Cross learn to swim levels. The activities will not be only swimming-based but will consist of many different themes like springboard diving, water polo, lifesaving activities, underwater hockey… You name it. There are two programs available: Aquatic Sport & fitness camp and Super swimmers camp ranging from 5 to 12-day courses which will cost you from $220 to $415, depending on the dates and length of the program.

Our Top Pet Services Picks In Aurora

Aurora, Colorado man with dog

We’ve talked about restaurants, museums, hotels, transportation and just about everything there is to talk about in Aurora expect for one very important subject…pets!

Today is the day we share our top picks for pets in Aurora! Now, these picks apply to all animals so whether you’re a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or a guinea pig person we have you covered! We’re going to focus on there important services that all pet owners need:

  1. A great veterinarian to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease!
  2. A caring and careful groomer to keep your pet looking fresh and clean all year round.
  3. A great pet supply shop for all your pet food, toys and treats!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Veterinarian

Let’s dive right in! First things first, you need to have a great veterinarian. It’s about peace of mind. You want to know that if something were to happen you have someone you can trust to make things right. We can be a little picky when it comes to picking a veterinarian so besides our own personal experience we look at a few other categories:

  • They need to be accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association. Are there good practices without this accreditation? Absolutely. But we aren’t looking for good. We want great and the standards put forth by AAHA are well above the legal requirements. We like that. Find out more about AAHA by clicking here.
  • They need to have veterinarians with experience. This one seems obvious but new veterinarians have to start somewhere! We aren’t against new veterinarians, but we do want there to be an experienced veterinarian available to answer questions and support the practice. Make sure that the seasoned owner actually shows up to the practice regularly.
  • They care! Again, obvious but there are veterinary practices out there that seem to have lost that passion.

So which Aurora veterinary clinic meets all these requirements? Parkside Animal Health Center is our pick for the best animal hospital in Aurora. And let me tell you the competition is tough! But Dr. Eisenhauer and her team kept coming up when we asked about the top veterinary clinics in our city!

Parkside Animal Health Center Logo

They have impeccable reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp and the customer service to back it up. Jenna, one of our writers, took their cat Dr. Jenkins (don’t ask) in for an appointment. He had been sneezing now and then but was overall doing fine. Better safe than sorry she thought. Now many practices will breeze through a minor issue like this but the veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Parkside Animal Health Center gave Jenna and her cat something that something of incredible value: time.

They took their time with Dr. Jenkins (sigh) and with Jenna. They addressed her concerns and took plenty of time to let Dr. Jenkins warm up to them. This is a very tough thing to accomplish when it comes to veterinary medicine but the team at Aurora’s Parkside Animal Health Center does it with grace and style!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Groomer

Grooming is a huge part of pet ownership. It often gets overlooked but keeping your dog (or cat) clean can greatly improve how much you enjoy your pet. I have husky. I know, maybe not the best idea. But without a solid groomer, I live in a world of hair year round. A great pet groomer has to have three things:

  1. Standards and protocols. Your pet can be exposed to a variety of conditions and different types of animals at the groomer. There must be a system of vaccination and managing contact between pets.
  2. Experience! Once again, you can’t trade experience!
  3. Willingness to work with cats! You’d be surprised at how many grooming facilities just don’t work with cats. While this one is a little subjective, we want to have a one-stop shop for all our cat and dog grooming needs.

So which Aurora pet groomer has it all? Our pick is the simply named Aurora Pet Grooming on Hampden Avenue in 80014. We think they have a perfect mix of all three while still being a large enough business to schedule on short notice when the fur simply becomes too much!

colorado pet grooming

Dr. Jenkins (who is a cat in case you didn’t read our veterinary clinic pick) loves going here! While he likes to maintain his fabulous long coat he doesn’t mind a good shave from time to time and the folks are Aurora Pet Grooming are just the ones to do it!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Pet Supply Store

Pet supplies are a necessary part of pet ownership. But it also is a really fun experience for both you and your pet. A great pet supply store is going to be pretty straightforward to most people:

  1. Fair prices.
  2. Wide selection of all pets.
  3. Friendly staff.

While there are a variety of great Pet Smart and Pet CO locations throughout Aurora (and both organizations, by the way, do A LOT to help both local and national charities) but for our personal pick, we’re going with Aurora’s own Chuck & Don’s on S Parker Road in the 80016 area of Aurora.

First off, the prices are solid. I’ve often price shopped (for fancy rawhide bones, my husky loves them) and they are consistently cheaper at Chuck & Don’s. Second, they have a wide selection of treats, toys, and treasures for all pets. While many people find it a bit weird I do have a hamster and finding perfect yogurt drops for him absolutely makes his day.

Lastly, and most important, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. And they don’t push you to buy more and more.

Supporting Colorado Business

What’s the best part about our top there pet pick businesses? They’re all Colorado local businesses and you can never go wrong with that!

flag of colorado

Did we miss your favorite veterinarian, groomer or pet supply store? Or have a great experience with one of the businesses listed above? Let us know in comments! We would love to hear about which Aurora business you think is the best!

Check out Heather Gardens Golf Course

Do you love golf? Or are you just looking for a fun way to spend your next weekend in Aurora? Whatever your answer is, we’re sure visiting Heather Gardens Golf Course won’t be a mistake, so keep reading.

Golf is well-known as a sport of leisure, even as the gentlemen’s sport. But, although to some it might seem like a low-level activity sport, playing golf is extremely beneficial to our health. Playing golf includes a lot of walking between the tees, and this 2,461-yard course will definitely boost your heart rate! Besides walking, golf is a sport always played outdoors, so it easily relaxes both our body and mind. And you probably already know that golf is one of the most popular team-building activities around the globe!

Why choose Heather Gardens Golf Course?

This public golf course easily accessed from I-225, Parker Road, and Yale Ave is situated right next to the Cherry Creek Reservoir, so you can’t miss it. It features 9 holes, par 32 enhanced by slopes, elevated greens, and bunkers all packed in a beautiful lush greenery and it’s a challenge for the golfers of all skill levels – from amateurs to senior pros. Even if you’re not into golf so much, this particular area is very quiet and peaceful, and therefore perfect for a Sunday afternoon walk.

It opened in 1972. and was designed by famous Richard M. Phelps. The entire course is extremely well maintained, and the helpful staff makes the whole visit even better. Making tee time is, easy – you can do that by calling the Heather Garden Golf Course the day before (303-751-2390).

Apart from the 9-hole golf course and breathtakingly beautiful landscape, the area is a home to a charming Rendezvous Restaurant and Bar where you can stop by for a drink or an affordable and tasty meal right after you’re done golfing.

heather gardens 28 - Check out Heather Gardens Golf Course

A Golf fee is $15 for adult non-residents,  $8 for juniors and golf cart rentals start from $7.50. If you’re a Heather Gardens resident or a senior, special discounts apply and you can check them out on the official website. Their Pro Shop working hours are 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Through October 1st.)


Since we’ve mentioned how beneficial golf can be for your health, we can’t recommend this activity enough. Now when you know about Heather Gardens Golf Course, you have one more reason to start playing.

Try checking the forecast for the next weekend – we believe the weather will be just perfect for the party of golf.


Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Places on the outskirts of Aurora

Aurora has been known as a suburb of Denver and once was, but the town grew and become a city in its own right.  But it’s close proximity to Denver affords tourists a lot more choices of places to go to and see.

Attractions in and around Aurora

Centennial Park

The first City-owned park is an eleven-acre award-winning park and a popular visitors destination.
Centennial Park offers large community events, water parks, picnic areas, age-appropriate play areas and lots of gardens and open space to wander through or relax and read a book in.

m1 - Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still was not that much of a success when he was still alive as he believed that most of his paintings were best shown with his other paintings, so he wanted to keep them together and under very specific conditions.Upon his death in 1980, he left his entire estate to the city that would mount a permanent museum dedicated to his work. The city of Denver was chosen and received the collection in 2004, opening the museum in 2011 with a rotating exhibition of Still’s work.  Still’s work is a truly amazing collection to see.

Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Scientists do globally significant work, like archaeological excavations on sites such as the Snowmass Village known as the“Snowmastadon Project”. Here there have been loads of fossils, including the bones of a Columbian mammoth have been found and excavated.  The museum also has one of the only Imax theatres in the region, a planetarium, gems and minerals collections as well as some mummies!The museum completed the new Discovery Zone, an interactive space for kids of ages 3-5, where they get to excavate fossils, play with various water features, and create art projects.m2 - Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens are Located adjacent to Cheesman Park, they are part of one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods. The gardens offer a perfect combination of locally inspired arid landscape with the hardy plants that evolved to thrive in Colorado to the lusher and more ornamental gardens that are found everywhere. With lots of nooks and crannies to explore this attraction is a great leisurely stroll for plant lovers especially at night.  The gardens are sometimes hosting live summer concerts that one can bring your lawn chair and cooler box to and enjoy some great entertainment.


Aurora and the surrounding areas offer a whole host of engaging sites and activities for the entire family. Looking to give your pet a bit of a “treat yourself day’? Check out our recently added, Top Pet Pick Services In Aurora for things your dog can do after a long day at the Botanical Gardens or museum!

Top Things To Do In Aurora

Always something to do or see in Aurora

Being a multicultural city with a military influence Aurora has a lot to offer the tourist in forms of museums, theatre, arts and various fun activities for the entire family.

Places to go and things to do!

12 Mile Stables

When you think of Colorado pictures of wide open plains and cowboys on top of their trusty steed’s spring to mind.
Well at 12 Mile Stables you can rent a horse and take a ride with your very own guide, go on Hayrides, they offer Day Camps and you can even learn to ride a horse during one of their riding lessons.

Pedego Southlands

Located on the outskirts of Denver, Pedego Southlands is an outdoor lifestyle center which offers shopping from some of the largest retail names to the smaller local businesses alongside great entertainment district. Southlands is only minutes from Aurora and Denver and just blocks from the fascinating trail system connecting all the Denver recreational areas and suburbs. You can hire a motorized bike and take a ride from Pedego Southlands to the Aurora Reservoir with its eight-mile bike trail, a beach for swimming, fishing, and non-motorised (so paddling) boats.  There are two more reservoirs, parks and the historic town of Parker to see along the way until you reach the gorgeous Castlewood Canyon

p1 - Top Things To Do In Aurora

Cherry Creek State Park

The Cherry Creek State Park offers a whole lot of fun recreation for the entire family.
There is camping, Water activities, Nature hikes, biking trails and picnic areas.
The park has beautiful scenery and wildlife, you can wander through the woodland or relax at the lake shores, have a campout or just take a tranquil bike ride.
Always check with the parks boards for local conditions in the park, rules, regulations, and fees.

Aurora Hills Golf course

The original golf course, the Aurora Hills is part of the municipal golf courses and one of the most popular courses in the metro area.  The centrally situated traditional design golf course offers great value for money and a challenge for every skill level player

p2 - Top Things To Do In Aurora

Colorado Ski and Golf

“Guarantees through Expertise” is the Colorado Ski and Golf motto.  They will get you outfitted and ready for a day out on the slopes with a very nice price tag to boot.
Not only can you buy all the gear you need for a day on the slopes or the golf course, but you can also rent the equipment.

Breathtaking Trails, Parks and Views In and Around Aurora

The surrounding beauty

The quite natural beauty of the scenic places in and around Aurora will leave you spellbound and be falling for this city with its hidden treasures.

Before we dig in, we do want to mention one thing: not all of these locations are pet-friendly. Coloradans want to take their dog everywhere. We get it. While many areas will allow you to bring your dog, most require that your dog stays on a leash at all times. There are also concerns about lepto and wildlife while exploring the natural beauty with your pet. We think this is a good time to mention our recent post going over the best pet services in Aurora. Before going on any outdoor adventures with your dog we recommend you talk to your veterinarian or at least have a great Aurora veterinary clinic ready to be contacted.

A few of the hidden treasures that surround Aurora

Rattlesnake Arches – McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area

Although not recommended for inexperienced hikers as the trail is quite tricky, the Rattlesnake Canyon Arches trail has the best views of the nations second-biggest concentration of natural arches.

Great Sand Dunes National Park – San Luis Valley

Has North America’s tallest sand dunes, overseen by the ominous dark peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Range the combination and the scenery gives this site a rather unique look.
As it is a long hike and the temperature can get rather hot it is best to set out early for this round trip and ensure you have a lot of water and or energy snacks.
You can also go sandboarding here but be warned – sand tends to get in “everywhere”!

Conundrum Hot Springs – Aspen

This secluded hot springs, which is quite a hike to get to as it is 8.5 miles into the White River National Forest.  Although it is quite a challenging hike to get to the springs it is well worth it and what better way to reward yourself after a long hike than in the soothing waters at 11000 feet above!trav - Breathtaking Trails, Parks and Views In and Around Aurora

Bishop Castle – Rye

This is more of a fascinating odd project from a well-known local man, Jim Bishops, who some may call offensive and opinionated.  The odd and mysterious building sprawls across a property that Jim Bishops, who is also the sole builder of the project, has had many a property rights battle over.
The building has many and weird and intriguing features that visitors can explore including a bridge that just leads to nowhere.

Mount Evans Road – Clear Creek County

The highest paved road in North America where a drive to the top will give you views far and wide of the state.  Here you can feel like you are on the top of the world without the long trek up a mountain and may even be able to spot some mountain goats, marmots or bighorn sheep.

Pikes Peak Cog Railway – Manitou Springs

Take a ride to the top of the 14,115ft tall mountain that towers over Downtown Colorado Springs in the worlds highest cog train.
A trip that inspired a song is a trip you know you are going to see some breathtaking scenery as you experience riding up the mountain in a cog train.

Bear Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park

A popular destination with some great hikes suitable for newbies which afford some terrific views of the alpine lakes and Half Mountain.
A great starting trail for people still acclimatizing to high altitudes and wanting to start hiking.


If it is adventure trails, steep climbs, thrills and wildlife you are looking for you cannot go wrong by taking a trip to Aurora, after all, it is not nicknamed “Gateway to the Rockies” for nothing!
Before setting out it is always best to check on the various conditions such as the weather, etc.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a good place to get information from.