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The Aurora City Place

The Aurora City Place is a collaboration of information, advice and articles about the city of Aurora, Colorado.

Wander around as if you lived there

Our regular posts are filled are filled with helpful tidbits to make our readers visit Aurora seems like a trip to a familiar place, helping you blend in with the local culture so you can enjoy the city as if you were a local.

Aurora, with its population of 325,078 is the third most populous city in Colorado and fifty-fourth in the United States of America.  It spans the Adams and Arapahoe counties with its extremes most southeastern part of the city reaching Douglas county.  It is one of the “Denver-aurora-Lakewood, CO” metropolitan areas (Metro Denver).

As a tourist information and promotional blog for Aurora, we will bring our readers up to date news, reviews of various attractions, accommodations, events and the local cuisine.Logo1 - About the Aurora City Place

A warm welcome to our readers

Aurora, Colorado has something for everyone to do it is a bustling town, known for its art exhibitions, good food and love of all activities!With views of the Rockies looming from most anywhere in the city,relaxed friendly locals and one of the safest cities in the country it is a destination well worth the visit.