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The Colorado Freedom Memorial

"Time will not dim the glory of their deeds." — General of the Armies, John J. Pershing The Colorado Freedom Memorial is important to ensure that the brave men and woman who gave their lives to defend us are never forgotten. The Colorado Freedom Memorial Located in Aurora, Colorado, and close to the Buckley

A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

As always, Aurora offers you a variety of summer camps to choose from for your children. They offer you fun, exciting and innovative ways to make your children's summer holidays more exciting than ever before. Camps are places where they're having fun while learning and working on their soft skills.

Check out Heather Gardens Golf Course

Do you love golf? Or are you just looking for a fun way to spend your next weekend in Aurora? Whatever your answer is, we're sure visiting Heather Gardens Golf Course won't be a mistake, so keep reading. Golf is well-known as a sport of leisure, even as the gentlemen's sport. But,

The Four Core Values of Aurora

Aurora develops “The Core 4 Values” by which to measure the city’s service and performance The City of Aurora refined the city’s internal core values in 2012 and developed a foundation upon which to build exceptional service and performance in Aurora, Colorado.  This foundation is a shared set of values now