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A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

As always, Aurora offers you a variety of summer camps to choose from for your children. They offer you fun, exciting and innovative ways to make your children’s summer holidays more exciting than ever before. Camps are places where they’re having fun while learning and working on their soft skills. This year, summer camp programs will run from July 3rd until August 31st and… there’s still some time to apply!

If you want to find all the details about the available summer camps in 2018, their programs and prices, please click here.

how to handle summer camp anxiety - A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

Aurora summer camps categories

You probably know already that there are different types of summer camps so you have to choose based on your child’s wishes and preferences. Sports camps are the most popular ones between children of all age groups, followed by educational camps for which the parents think can be more beneficial for their kids. Swimming camps are also very popular, followed by multimedia and technology camps. You can browse them in the categories below.

Preschool summer camps

Preschool camps are suitable for kids of the age of 4 and above, usually until 6 or 8. It is a combination of arts and craft workshops as well as different sport and teamwork activities suitable for their age. This year’s 5-day programs start with the price of $62 for half-day activities and go up to $265 for full-day activities.

Active/Sports summer camps

This is probably the most popular category of summer camps and they’re suitable for kids over the age of 6 (Sports Camp and Finale Camp are the ones who start with the kids at the age of 6) and go up to the age of 14 (like Challenge Plus camp). 5 full-day classes in these sports camps will cost you from $145 up to $235 – mostly depending on the dates of the camp activities. Your child can choose from basketball, skateboard or even badminton and hockey activities!

Arts summer camps

We can all agree on arts and crafts being an important part of our children’s development and growth.  These camps are the best way for your kids to learn about drama, music, dance, and art in general. There are currently 2 arts camps available: Arts Camp and Dance Camp and in case you want your child to enroll into one of these, you’ll pay from $145 to $180, depending on the selected dates and availability.

Educational summer camps

Even though most of them are not marked as educational, rest assured knowing that every camp option will teach your kid something, but it’s just that these “Educational” camps are more focused on kids gaining some skills. Emergency 911 camp will teach your kid about the emergency services in your neighborhood with lots of special guests, and your kids will become familiar with Basic First Aid and CPR.

If you’d like your kid to learn how to cook or bake something, there are two cooking camps available this year: Junior Chef Cooking Camp and Top Chef, and it will cost you from $145 up to $405.

camping with kids - A guide to Aurora Summer Camps

Exploration/Technology summer camps

Is your kid aspiring to become an engineer or an astronaut? Aurora has got some perfect summer camp options for your kid then. Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware… Sign up for these camps now in order for your kids to learn about stuff they won’t be able to learn about at home. There are 5 options available: the first one is Engineering for kids, the second one is Mad Science with 4 different program activities.

For those of a bit more adventurous spirit, there are Aurora Day Trippers and Adventure Park programs with lots of field trips and attractions. The prices start at $145 and go up to $307 for 5 full-day classes.

Multimedia summer camps

Kids Great Minds offers 8 different camp program options this year, and all of them are multimedia-based. They teach your kids skills like animation, 3d modeling, 3d printing, game creation, robotics and virtual reality. We live in a digital world, so let your kid express in a digital way! The prices go from $290 for 4 full-day classes, and up to $363 for 5 full-day classes.

Check out their programs here.

Swimming summer camps

At these summer camps, your kid will be taught the Red Cross learn to swim levels. The activities will not be only swimming-based but will consist of many different themes like springboard diving, water polo, lifesaving activities, underwater hockey… You name it. There are two programs available: Aquatic Sport & fitness camp and Super swimmers camp ranging from 5 to 12-day courses which will cost you from $220 to $415, depending on the dates and length of the program.

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