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The Four Core Values of Aurora

Aurora develops “The Core 4 Values” by which to measure the city’s service and performance

The City of Aurora refined the city’s internal core values in 2012 and developed a foundation upon which to build exceptional service and performance in Aurora, Colorado.  This foundation is a shared set of values now known as “The Core 4” which incorporate integrity, respect, professionalism and customer service.​

“The Core 4” Values

These Core values have instilled a set of principles used to implement their vision and mission. The values represent the benchmark for organizations, to aid in the guiding of the decisions made from the individuals and the organization. Organizations that achieve great success have done so by implementing strong values.

The Core 4 Values for Aurora are:


integrity - The Four Core Values of AuroraAurora lives by Integrity by:

  • Being truthful
  • Being dependable
  • Always do the right thing no matter what

“Customer Service”

Aurora live Customer Service by:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Exceed expectations
  • Be responsive, be fair and be courteous
  • Deliver cost-effective, quality and efficient services


respect - The Four Core Values of AuroraAurora live Respect by:

  • Value the worth of others
  • Honor diversity and differences
  • Practice the Golden Rule


Aurora live Professionalism by:

  • Equality for everyone
  • Embrace best and safe practices
  • Use data to help us make decisions and do our work

The Impact of the Core 4 Values on the city, industry and individuals of Aurora

The program designed to enhance trust, empowering employers and provide for personal and professional growth, to better serve customers with a newly inspired passion and professionalism to ensure the maximum potential growth of industry and the city of Aurora.

The program had a very positive effect on the city and employees by helping them develop and achieve their potential.  Which in turn helps with good customer relations and understanding making for a happy customer which ensures a company’s success and future growth.professional - The Four Core Values of Aurora


The introduction of the Core 4 Values refined the City of Aurora values to ensure the future development and growth of a city that has already doubled in size since the 1970’s and continues to grow both in size filled with the good old American confidence, pride and values.
Aurora is a city that is truly unique in all aspects of life, culture and style.
Rated as the 54th largest city in the USA and to be classed as one of the safest large cities to live in the USA one can see how these values have strengthened the Aurora community.

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