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Sports Life in Aurora

Active Aurora

Known as one of the most active towns in the state, Aurora has a whole host of sporting and outdoor activities to offer everyone.

The sports and recreation in Aurora

Recreation Centers

Aurora has two main recreation centers to offer, the “Beck Recreation Center” and “Moorhead recreation center”.
It also has a center dedicated to adults fifty and over which is the “Aurora Center for Active Adults

swim - Sports Life in AuroraPools and Swimming

The has three indoor swimming pools which are affiliated to them and they are the“Beck Indoor Pool”, “Moorhead Indoor Pool” and “Utah Indoor Pool”.

Each center has different programs that visitors can join to make use of the facilities during their stay in Aurora.
All the information is provided on the linked websites for details on these programs.


Aurora offers various Summer Camps for the youth such as:

  • Youth Voyager Camp
    Ages 7 – 11
    This camp is great for fun-filled school holidays of arts and crafts, games, field trips and fun in the sun.
  • Zombie Apocalypse Camp
    Ages 8 – 12
    This is a survival day camp that teaches the kids to survive in the great outdoors. They learn skills such as knot tying, fire building, first aid and many more.
  • Ultimate Adventures Camp
    Ages 10 – 14
    For the older child, this camp is more a field trip focused camp that gets the kids out and about on many an outdoor adventure. They do activities like rock climbing, kayaking, biking and various trips to state parks.  There is no time for slacking on this activity-filled camp.
  • All the camps usually run from a Monday to a Friday between set times please see the camp coordinators for more details.

If you want to know more about the summer camps in the Area, check our Guide to Aurora Summer Camps.

camp - Sports Life in AuroraReservoirs

The Aurora reservoir has over eight-hundred acres of water surface and is one of the city’s largest park and open space sites. It has been named by Westword as “The Best Park for Fishing” in 2012 and the reservoir offers multi-use recreation as well as serving as a drinking water storage facility for Aurora.


Aurora is known for all its activities and has a huge hiking community that goes on many trail hikes in and around the Rockies. Another suggestion can be spending your day on a golf course. When you’re in Aurora, the options are numerous.
Before partaking in any of the activates always make sure you are well prepared and can partake in the selected activities.
It is always advisable to see a medical practitioner should you be in any doubt about your physical wellbeing.

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