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The Colorado Freedom Memorial

“Time will not dim the glory of their deeds.”
— General of the Armies, John J. Pershing
The Colorado Freedom Memorial is important to ensure that the brave men and woman who gave their lives to defend us are never forgotten.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial

Located in Aurora, Colorado, and close to the Buckley Air Force Base are the names of almost 6000 people killed in action since Colorado became a state.

Leaving their homes to go and fight in foreign lands that most of our heroes had never heard of, as they bravely answered the call of duty to serve their great nation.

Out of the men and woman that have been honored on the memorial about half of them never made it back home to Colorado. Their remains lost forever at sea or buried in a grave in some far-off land or behind enemy lines. The memorial offers the families that never had a grave to visit or place to connect with their deceased loved ones such a place.  The memorial stands as not only a place of remembrance and honor to those brave men and woman but a place for healing for their loved ones.memro - The Colorado Freedom Memorial

Since the erection of the monument and its dedication, it has seen thousands of visitors who have come to shed a tear, reminisce and pay homage to our fallen heroes!

Many a ceremony have been held at the memorial, Memorial services have been given and there are even motorcycle rides that stop to pay their respects.

There are planned memorials and ceremonies held at the Colorado Freedom Memorial throughout the year, please check on their websites, listed below, for more details about these and other interesting information.

Computer Kiosk will soon be available

A full database of honorees has been compiled whereby visitors to the memorial will be able to browse and read about our heroes, the history of the project and the design of the memorial as a computer kiosk is currently being designed and built alongside the memorial.
Here a visitor will be able to search and lookup a name from the wall and read all about that person and pay tribute online.


The Memorial welcomes all visitors, you can contact them at the Colorado Freedom Memorial offices at 303-248-3990 or visit their website  if you have any questions or queries and would like to donate to this worthy cause. We love the Colorado memorial and feel that while it is for all of Colorado it also represents our great city and core values that guide Aurora. 

The Colorado Freedom Memorial is located at:
Springhill Community Park
756 Telluride Street

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