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Welcome To The Aurora History Museum

Aurora History Museum site

Aurora History Museum is one of the most popular museums in the area, and soon you'll find out why that's so. It has been a local and regional history, arts & cultural center for decades with different exhibits and amusing educational programs for people of all age groups. The main exhibit of

Explore The Historical Sites of Aurora with Story Line!

Story Line, an audio tour for anyone wanting to take a trip into Aurora’s history The Historic Sites and Preservation Office together with the Aurora History Museum have launched an audio tour that takes a person on a historical journey, using the historic sites brochures and map to get you to each

Aurora’s military influence

The military has been a big part of Aurora’s history The military plays a strong part in the richly diverse history of Aurora, taking a moment to honor those brave men and women who have and still are serving their country we look at the militaries historical timeline that influenced the

Aurora, Colorado’s History Timeline

Aurora seated upon rolling prairie grassland leading to the Rockies! A city of diverse cultures being a refugee hotspot along with its strong military influence has a rich history! Aurora City Historical Timeline: Basis for Aurora Public Schools – 1885 On the 6th April 1884, William Smith founded the educational system which was later