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Aurora, Colorado’s History Timeline

Aurora seated upon rolling prairie grassland leading to the Rockies!

A city of diverse cultures being a refugee hotspot along with its strong military influence has a rich history!

Aurora City Historical Timeline:

Basis for Aurora Public Schools – 1885

On the 6th April 1884, William Smith founded the educational system which was later to become Aurora Public Schools

Incorporation of the town of Fletcher – 1891

Incorporated as the town of Fletcher on April 30, 1891, Aurora was one of many suburbs springing up around Denver. Aurora, which was then, four square miles of prairie grassland and was named after one of the developers of the city, Donald Fletcher.  The town then boasted of Thirty-nine citizens, had fourteen new houses complete with indoor plumbing and the town had the beginnings of a water system.

East Denver Water Company – 1891

The water bonds were sold in the summer of 1881 and became the East Denver Water Company.

Electric Railway Trolley line – 1893

In January 1893 the Colfax Avenue Trolley Line was opened from the State Capitol to Dallas Street.

Silver and Drought Panic – 1893

A severe drought nearly crippled the town and put an end to the water system and caused a severe drop in housing prices.

Denver Achieves “Home Rule” – 1902

After a lot of perseverance Denver become the City and County of Denver achieving home rule in November of 1902!  This was signed into on 1st December 1902 by Governor Orman.  This legislation split the rest of Arapahoe County into Arapahoe and Adams counties having Colfax as their dividing line.

Town of Fletcher is renamed – 1907

The town of Fletcher was renamed Aurora

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Highway 40 is born from Colfax Avenue – 1926

Colfax Avenue becomes Highway 40, part of the first federal highway system.

The Denver Municipal Airport opens – 1929

On the 17th October 1929, the Denver Municipal Airport opened, this airport became known as Stapleton International Airport.


Despite various setbacks, the hardships of WWI Aurora persevered and by 1930 had more than two-thousand citizens for which the Colorado Secretary of State recognized Aurora as a city!

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