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Aurora’s military influence

The military has been a big part of Aurora’s history

The military plays a strong part in the richly diverse history of Aurora, taking a moment to honor those brave men and women who have and still are serving their country we look at the militaries historical timeline that influenced the city of Aurora.

Aurora’s military historical timeline:

The first military hospital in Aurora – 1918

Denver Civic and Commercial Association purchased the Gutheil Nursery, on the east of town, which it then leased to the U.S. Department of the Army upon which construction of Army General Hospital No. 21 began.  Even though construction was not completed the hospital took in patients from October 1918, treating soldiers suffering from the effects of WWI chemical warfare and tuberculosis.
Construction of the hospital was completed in 1919.
The hospital was later renamed Fitzsimons Army Hospital

Lowry Air Force Base opens – 1938

The Lowry Air Force Base was opened on the Southwest side of the Aurora.

army - Aurora’s military influence

Buckley Air National Guard – 1942

In 1942 the air force base was expanded to a site which a few miles east of the Lowry Air Force base, it became known as theBuckley Air National Guard Base and eventually renamed to The Buckley Air Force Base.

The expansion of Fitzsimons Army Hospital – 1941

In 1941 instead of closing the old army hospital the U.S. Government decided to expand and upgrade the hospital; the hospital took in and treated and cared for the many service men wounded in WWII.army2 - Aurora’s military influence

Colorado Freedom Memorial – 2013

The  “Colorado Freedom Memorial” which, in 2013, was dedicated to the military personnel of Colorado who lost their lives in service to their country now stands in the city of Aurora.


During the post-war years,Aurora has a huge population growth spurt thanks to these three influential military bases and the population has nearly doubled in size since the 1970’s.  It is a town with steeped in diversity, community, change and growth.  It is a town that one must visit to understand the meaning of community!

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