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Our Top Pet Services Picks In Aurora

Aurora, Colorado man with dog

We’ve talked about restaurants, museums, hotels, transportation and just about everything there is to talk about in Aurora expect for one very important subject…pets!

Today is the day we share our top picks for pets in Aurora! Now, these picks apply to all animals so whether you’re a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or a guinea pig person we have you covered! We’re going to focus on there important services that all pet owners need:

  1. A great veterinarian to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease!
  2. A caring and careful groomer to keep your pet looking fresh and clean all year round.
  3. A great pet supply shop for all your pet food, toys and treats!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Veterinarian

Let’s dive right in! First things first, you need to have a great veterinarian. It’s about peace of mind. You want to know that if something were to happen you have someone you can trust to make things right. We can be a little picky when it comes to picking a veterinarian so besides our own personal experience we look at a few other categories:

  • They need to be accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association. Are there good practices without this accreditation? Absolutely. But we aren’t looking for good. We want great and the standards put forth by AAHA are well above the legal requirements. We like that. Find out more about AAHA by clicking here.
  • They need to have veterinarians with experience. This one seems obvious but new veterinarians have to start somewhere! We aren’t against new veterinarians, but we do want there to be an experienced veterinarian available to answer questions and support the practice. Make sure that the seasoned owner actually shows up to the practice regularly.
  • They care! Again, obvious but there are veterinary practices out there that seem to have lost that passion.

So which Aurora veterinary clinic meets all these requirements? Parkside Animal Health Center is our pick for the best animal hospital in Aurora. And let me tell you the competition is tough! But Dr. Eisenhauer and her team kept coming up when we asked about the top veterinary clinics in our city!

Parkside Animal Health Center Logo

They have impeccable reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp and the customer service to back it up. Jenna, one of our writers, took their cat Dr. Jenkins (don’t ask) in for an appointment. He had been sneezing now and then but was overall doing fine. Better safe than sorry she thought. Now many practices will breeze through a minor issue like this but the veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Parkside Animal Health Center gave Jenna and her cat something that something of incredible value: time.

They took their time with Dr. Jenkins (sigh) and with Jenna. They addressed her concerns and took plenty of time to let Dr. Jenkins warm up to them. This is a very tough thing to accomplish when it comes to veterinary medicine but the team at Aurora’s Parkside Animal Health Center does it with grace and style!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Groomer

Grooming is a huge part of pet ownership. It often gets overlooked but keeping your dog (or cat) clean can greatly improve how much you enjoy your pet. I have husky. I know, maybe not the best idea. But without a solid groomer, I live in a world of hair year round. A great pet groomer has to have three things:

  1. Standards and protocols. Your pet can be exposed to a variety of conditions and different types of animals at the groomer. There must be a system of vaccination and managing contact between pets.
  2. Experience! Once again, you can’t trade experience!
  3. Willingness to work with cats! You’d be surprised at how many grooming facilities just don’t work with cats. While this one is a little subjective, we want to have a one-stop shop for all our cat and dog grooming needs.

So which Aurora pet groomer has it all? Our pick is the simply named Aurora Pet Grooming on Hampden Avenue in 80014. We think they have a perfect mix of all three while still being a large enough business to schedule on short notice when the fur simply becomes too much!

colorado pet grooming

Dr. Jenkins (who is a cat in case you didn’t read our veterinary clinic pick) loves going here! While he likes to maintain his fabulous long coat he doesn’t mind a good shave from time to time and the folks are Aurora Pet Grooming are just the ones to do it!

Our Pick For Aurora’s Best Pet Supply Store

Pet supplies are a necessary part of pet ownership. But it also is a really fun experience for both you and your pet. A great pet supply store is going to be pretty straightforward to most people:

  1. Fair prices.
  2. Wide selection of all pets.
  3. Friendly staff.

While there are a variety of great Pet Smart and Pet CO locations throughout Aurora (and both organizations, by the way, do A LOT to help both local and national charities) but for our personal pick, we’re going with Aurora’s own Chuck & Don’s on S Parker Road in the 80016 area of Aurora.

First off, the prices are solid. I’ve often price shopped (for fancy rawhide bones, my husky loves them) and they are consistently cheaper at Chuck & Don’s. Second, they have a wide selection of treats, toys, and treasures for all pets. While many people find it a bit weird I do have a hamster and finding perfect yogurt drops for him absolutely makes his day.

Lastly, and most important, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. And they don’t push you to buy more and more.

Supporting Colorado Business

What’s the best part about our top there pet pick businesses? They’re all Colorado local businesses and you can never go wrong with that!

flag of colorado

Did we miss your favorite veterinarian, groomer or pet supply store? Or have a great experience with one of the businesses listed above? Let us know in comments! We would love to hear about which Aurora business you think is the best!

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