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Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Places on the outskirts of Aurora

Aurora has been known as a suburb of Denver and once was, but the town grew and become a city in its own right.  But it’s close proximity to Denver affords tourists a lot more choices of places to go to and see.

Attractions in and around Aurora

Centennial Park

The first City-owned park is an eleven-acre award-winning park and a popular visitors destination.
Centennial Park offers large community events, water parks, picnic areas, age-appropriate play areas and lots of gardens and open space to wander through or relax and read a book in.

m1 - Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still was not that much of a success when he was still alive as he believed that most of his paintings were best shown with his other paintings, so he wanted to keep them together and under very specific conditions.Upon his death in 1980, he left his entire estate to the city that would mount a permanent museum dedicated to his work. The city of Denver was chosen and received the collection in 2004, opening the museum in 2011 with a rotating exhibition of Still’s work.  Still’s work is a truly amazing collection to see.

Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Scientists do globally significant work, like archaeological excavations on sites such as the Snowmass Village known as the“Snowmastadon Project”. Here there have been loads of fossils, including the bones of a Columbian mammoth have been found and excavated.  The museum also has one of the only Imax theatres in the region, a planetarium, gems and minerals collections as well as some mummies!The museum completed the new Discovery Zone, an interactive space for kids of ages 3-5, where they get to excavate fossils, play with various water features, and create art projects.m2 - Places of Interest In and Around Aurora

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens are Located adjacent to Cheesman Park, they are part of one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods. The gardens offer a perfect combination of locally inspired arid landscape with the hardy plants that evolved to thrive in Colorado to the lusher and more ornamental gardens that are found everywhere. With lots of nooks and crannies to explore this attraction is a great leisurely stroll for plant lovers especially at night.  The gardens are sometimes hosting live summer concerts that one can bring your lawn chair and cooler box to and enjoy some great entertainment.


Aurora and the surrounding areas offer a whole host of engaging sites and activities for the entire family. Looking to give your pet a bit of a “treat yourself day’? Check out our recently added, Top Pet Pick Services In Aurora for things your dog can do after a long day at the Botanical Gardens or museum!

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