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Enjoy the wide choice of Aurora’s Cuisine

Aurora’s diverse cuisine

With a large cultural mix that makes up the city of Aurora, you will find quite a mix of cuisine in Aurora including that of traditional Colorado dishes.  As the city is known for their amazing restaurants and food you are sure to find something to your liking.

Some of the restaurants to try:

Helga’s German Cuisine

Helga’s Restaurant and Deli is of German influence and serves a mixture of Rhineland specialties and schnitzels.  For German dishes, Helga’s is a great choice for a warm atmosphere and good food.

diner1 - Enjoy the wide choice of Aurora’s CuisineRosie’s Diner

As the name suggests Rosie’s is a classic American themed diner complete with old-style handmade milkshakes.  The booth seating takes you back to the 1950’s with a small jukebox in each booth.
Rosie’s serves breakfast and dinner with all the classic American diner dishes.

Summit Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Summit Steak and Seafood Restaurant has late opening hours, regular events like live music, happy hours with half-price cocktails and great food.
As the name suggests the restaurant serves a great mix of Seafood, steak and some other dishes in-between so there is something for everyone’s tastes while being entertained.

The Bent Noodle restaurant

This family-owned Italian restaurant was opened in 1996 and serves fresh homemade organic food.
Their menu includes all the Italian favorite dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs, sausage meat lasagna and chicken picatta.
If you are wanting mouthwatering Italian food The Bent Noodle is the restaurant to try.

The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

If it is sub-Saharan cuisine you are looking for or wanting to try then The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant is a good place to start.
Be warned the restaurant encourages you to eat the Ethiopian way which means sharing food from the same plate, most of these dishes come on a tray so the entire group at a table can sit around and scoop up the food on torn pieces of “injira” (flatbread).

bbq - Enjoy the wide choice of Aurora’s CuisineSeoul BBQ and Sushi restaurant

The Seoul BBQ and Sushi restaurant serves Korean food and is a great place for curries and delicious hearty soups.

My French Press Café

For the best traditional French food, My French Press Café and bakery has a selection of delectable French pastries and loaves to offer in their attached bakery.  With their café offering breakfasts of French toast alongside the American style breakfast of eggs and various meats.


There is something for everyone’s tastes in Aurora including great family style restaurants with play areas to keep the kids entertained.  Ask your hotel for a more comprehensive list of the places to eat near you.

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