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guide - Useful GuidesSome tips, advice and informational guides
Useful guides to help you pioneer your way around Aurora, the surrounding areas and the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Handy Guides to check out:

60 Hike within 60 Miles – by Kim Lipker

Kim Lipker explores the many hiking trails around Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding region.  With such a magnificent landscape offering what is classed as “some of the best hiking spots around” and so many trails to choose from, Kim Lipker breaks some of the better ones down, especially for those who have either never hiked before or tourists to the area.  The author has put together a “key-at-a-glance” code in order making the choice of trails even easier as it identifies the scenery, length and difficulty of the hike and which towns they are near, etc.  The book includes hikes near Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Boulder.
A great choice of book for both seasoned and newbie hikers.

Rocky Mountain National Parks Colorado website

The complete source of information about the Rocky Mountains, including a full overview of all the trails, points, activities, creatures of the Mountain and the best seasons for various activities on and around the Mountain.
The site includes all fees and passes and the accesses to the mountain has up-to-date road and weather conditions plus a lot more valuable and interesting information for both locals and tourists alike with full contact details, helplines and emergency services for the mountain and surrounding areas.


Before setting out on any trail or trip it is always best to do some research on your destination, ensure you have either a map of how to get to your destinations or a charged updated and reliable GPS system.